COVID-19 Comparison of Illinois and the U.S.

About a week ago, we have reached the one year anniversary of being in a pandemic. One year of school closures, one year of quarantine, one year of working from home, and one year of our whole lives changing.

In the early stages of the pandemic, there was a lot that was unclear about how COVID-19 would be affecting everyone.

Since the pandemic has began, nearly 29.2 million have tested positive for COVID according to the CDC COVID Data Tracker. This is a large number considering that these numbers only represent the cases that have been documented. From this number, Illinois accounts for 4.3% of these cases, bringing in 23,216 positive cases per the NY Times.

Unfortunately, COVID caused many people to lose their lives. A little over half a million people have died as a result of COVID related symptoms.

Now that we are a little further into the pandemic, there has been some progress made. According to the CDC, over 109 million vaccines have been administered to people across the country.

With time and with the different vaccines, we can hope that as long as we continue to follow guidelines and people continue to get vaccinated, the pandemic will soon come to an end.

UIC Communication Major.